The strap fit and the arrangement of the saddle straps affect the fit of the saddle.

 An incorrect arrangement can pull the saddle forwards or backwards.

The fit of the girth and the positioning of the girth straps influence the fit of the saddle. Incorrect positioning can pull the saddle forward or backwards. The girth straps should be individually positioned so that the girth forms a straight line from the fixation point to the girth depth.

  Girths that are tightened too much can also cause soreness and bruises in the sensitive elbow, and sternum area, which is often shown by negative reactions when girthing or by an unwillingness to move forward during work.

We use 4 straps to provide flexibility with girthing positions particularly if the saddle is to be used on different horses

Girth position incorrect

 No vertical line from the girth straps to the girth depth. Risk of the saddle being pulled forward, changing the balance of the saddle.